ANTS OF BONAIRE, species list

Peter Boer

This list is the result of the identification of samples collected between 1930 and 1970 by H.J. MacGillavry, P. Wagenaar Hummelinck, R.H. Cobben (all in collection Naturalis Biodiversity Center) and 2018 by J.K. Winkelman. All identifications (except the data from literature) are done by the author.

This list will be updated as soon as more identifications
are available.

Species with * are also found on Klein Bonaire.



Azteca delpini
Dorymyrmex antillanus
*Dorymyrmex bicolor
Dorymyrmex biconis
Dorymyrmex brunneus
*Dorymyrmex insanus 1)
Tapinoma melanocephalum



Brachymyrmex australis-species complex 7)
Brachymyrmex termitophilus
Camponotus blandus
Camponotus claviscapus
Camponotus coloratus
Camponotus lindigi
Camponotus sexguttatus
Nylanderia steinheili
* Paratrechina longicornis


Cardiocondyla emeryi 2)
Cardiocondyla mauritanica 3)
Crematogaster crinosa
*Crematogaster obscurata
Monomorium floricola
*Pheidole exigua
Pheidole longiscapa
Pheidole megacephala
Pheidole susannae
Rogeria curvipubens
Solenopsis corticalis
* Solenopsis geminata
Solenopsis globularia
Solenopsis subterranea
Solenopsis zeteki
Strumigenys emmae 4)
Strumigenys membranifera 5)
Syllophopsis subcoeca
Tetramorium caldarium
Tetramorkium simillimum
Trichomyrmex destructor 6)
Wasmannia auropunctata


Hypoponera ergatandria
Hypoponera opacior
Leptogenys pubiceps
Odontomachus bauri
Pseudomyrmex curacaensis
Pseudomyrmex elongatulus
Pseudomyrmex flavidulus
Pseudomyrmex termitarius

1) According to Weber (1948) D. pyramicus would occur here, while D. insanus is not mentioned. Probably his identification is incorrect. Weber, N.A., 1948. Ants from the Leeward group and some other Caribbean localities. Studies on the fauna of CuraƧao, Aruba, Bonaire and the Venezuelan Islands 3 : 78-86.
2) Wetterer, J.K., 2012. Worldwide spread of Emery's sneaking ant, Cardiocondyla emery (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Myrmecological News 17 : 3) Wetterer, J.K., 2012. Worldwide spread of the Moorish sneaking Ant, Cardiocondyla mauritanica (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Sociobiology 59 : 985-997.
4) Wetterer, J.K., 2012. Worldwide spread of Emma's dacetine Ant, Strumigenys emmae (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Myrmecological News 16 : 69-74.
5) Wetterer, J.K., 2011. Worldwide spread of the membraniferous dacetine Ant, Strumigenys membranifera (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Myrmecological News 14 : 129-135.
6) Wetterer, J.K., 2009. Worldwide spread of the destroyer ant, Monomorium destructor (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Myrmecological News 12 : 97-108.
7) see identification key of the ABC islands



Spelonk Lighthouse / Dos Poos, location of among others Pheidole longiscapa. Photo: Han Burgers, 2023.





Pos Fontein, location of among others Leptogenys pubiceps and Camponotus coloratus. Photo Han Burgers, 2023.

Washikemba / Flor de Cuba, location of among others Pseudomyrmex elongatulus. Photo Han Burgers, 2023.

An identification key of the ants of
Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao
is presented here.


Peter Boer, 24-05-2023